museum reflection


Singapore has lots of museums, and each one has more points that I can learn, but I prefer to choose Asian Civilisation museum to continue my MMP learning journey. The Asian Civilisation museum (ACM) is the region’s only museum devoted to the civilisations, art and culture of Asia. The Asian Civilisation museum spanning Southeast Asia, China, West Asia and South Asia, the museum also traces the diverse cultural roots of Singapore.

In fact the China gallery is not very well about placement. Perhaps the designer like to people see more exhibits, but they put so much things that let people feel too complex when then entry the gallery. However, there is a good place that I liked—learn zone.


They show the map and when you click the yellow colour button, the system will play the different places story about how the Chinese tea transport to other countries. That is quiet fun for child and easy to learn the knowledge.


Museum exhibits are getting evermore technologically advanced and virtual reality is one of the latest trends. Of course, virtual reality can be immersive, interactive or both. Museum visitors are able to make choices during their virtual travel enabling them to feel a sense of exploration – triggering curiosity and the desire to learn.

Most virtual reality exhibits cater to both the visual and aural senses. Such exhibits can be quite awe inspiring as visualizations are getting increasingly detailed. By using both head-worn and hand-held devices, visitors are able to interact with the simulation in a variety of new ways such as learning zone.




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