Literature Review (E-marketing)

Since, the advent of the Internet, it have been profound changes in the way we live, work or play. Among other things, it has changed the way we interact with each other, the way we work and do business and the way we learn. Nowadays, online shopping became more and more popular. Lots of young people like to buy the things on the Internet. Thus, it product a name called Internet Marketing that it also referred to as i-marketing, online-marketing or e-marketing is the marketing of products or services over the Internet.

Other two important parts which are online marketing business and customers (users).Thus, I will analyze the behavioral characteristics of the online marketing customers. At the same times, online business should get some marketing strategies to influence consumer network and psychological behavior.

Well, I would like to talk about the E-marketing environment. The marking environment is a wide range of elements in the markets, including the macro-environment and the micro-environment (principle of Marketing, 2008). With the development of Internet, a larger number of young people and business people rely on Internet, and spend much time on Internet. Thus, it brings a huge chance for E-marketing. At the same time, E-marketing is more ecological, as it does not waste environment and reduce the intermediate links.

Now we talk about the analysis of E-marketing. Most sellers are familiar with the four stages of the customers’ buying process, around which marketing activities can be planned. The four stages are need-and-want recognition, information gathering, evaluation and purchase. Within each stage, sellers have the opportunity to improve the customer experience and influence the customer through all stages toward a purchase.
E-marketing strategy is also a important method to promote the purchases. Online shopping is not like to go shops. When you want to buy cloth online, you cannot try it, you just relying on the pictures served or your feeling. To solve this problem, most of online shops apply more information about their goods such as different colors and different angle pictures, even some shops upload the video on the website. Larger people prefer to purchase products online, which is cheaper. For example, you spend $300 buying a computer on the Internet , but if you brought in a shop, perhaps you would cost $400 or higher. Actually, this is also a strategy, seller put a lower price to attract more people to visit, then seller may sell more goods. Some of websites recently hold some activities such as ten people make a group to buy goods that they will get a lower price or you buy 100 pieces purchases that you get 25% discount. No matter what strategy they use, the purpose is to sell more purchases.

Compare E-marketing and traditional market, it have lots of things we can discuss. Firstly, traditional marketing is much more expensive than E-marketing. That is why most of young people like to buy the purchase on the Internet. With E- marketing, you can have direct communication with thousands upon thousands of customers and prospects world-wide from your desktop. It is very convenient people to select purchases. However, if you choose traditional way that will waste long time to go each shops. Sometimes, people want buy expensive purchases, it better to choose traditional market as you can touch and try the purchases.

In conclusion, new media turn our life. E-marketing change our habit and also bring a new way to sell the purchases. At the same time, it create lots of jobs and decrease the rate of unemployed and promote the development of small companies. Nowadays, more and more people use blog, video, digital picture to record their life. New media have become a very important in our life.




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